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Activation of monitoring for eBay auctions

Once you have posted your listing on eBay, you can activate monitoring for it. When it is activated, all eBay transactions are processed to the system and purchased products are sent automatically to Clients.

To enable monitoring, log in to the system and go to the tab Products / eBay / auctions. If your auction is not listed, find the synchronize with server button on the right and click to force synchronization. Select listing from the list and click show button.

Full synchronization of your auctions can take up to 60 minutes after being listed on eBay. If, after execution of the above steps still do not appear on the list, use the go to auction option, which is located to the right.


In the activation wizard select:

  • layout, from which to download the message settings,
  • codebase, from which to send products to customers.

Next click Activate monitoring button. 
From now on all new transactions from the auction will be handled by the system. Purchased products will be sent to the email address defined in your eBay Account settings.

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