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Automated e-mail sending

Automater has a built-in module for sending automatic e-mails to Customers meeting certain criteria. The cost of sending 20 messages is 1 credit. Messages can only be sent to people who have agreed to receive marketing e-mails on the page with the transaction status.

For example: if you sell codes that are valid for 30 days, you can send your customers a message 25 days after purchase with a reminder that the code approaching expiry and encourage the purchase of new one.

In order to create a campaign and schedule shipments, log in to the system and go to the tab Marketing / Automation / Plan shipment, and then define:

  • group of recipients - transactions that meet the following criteria:
    • words that must be included in the name of the product / auction,
    • source of purchase,
    • payment status,
    • range of transaction dates,
    • customer's language,
    • minimum number of items purchased,
  • conditions for shipment activation:
    • number of days from the purchase after which the message should be sent (eg after 30 days),
    • time of sending the message (eg 9:00),
  • subject and content of the message.


After completing the form, save the shipment. To activate it, click the Activate shipment button on the right.

You can check to whom the message was sent in "Last 15 messages" section on the right. In addition, information about sent messages will be added to the registry of each transaction.

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