The Automater system allows for recurring shipments, eg. delivery of several products to the customer after the indicated time for one transaction.

Example: you offer sales codes that extend your account's validity by 30 days. You would like to start subscription sales for a period of 90 days.
To avoid sending three codes at once, you can configure the system to send the client a new code every 30 days.

To set up a recurring shipment, go to the monitoring settings of the listing or product settings and select the Recurring shipments option from the right menu. Then in the Add new shipment section, define:

  • number of codes to send:
    • check the option to send the same number of codes as bought by the customer if you want the customer to receive the same number of codes as he bought as part of the transaction,
    • uncheck the option send the same number of codes as bought by the customer and define the number of codes to be sent manually.
  • the number of days after which the shipping is supposed to take place, e.g. after 30 days,
  • database from which codes are to be retrieved and sent to the customer.


To add more recurring shipping variants, save your changes. After refreshing the page, an additional field Add new shipment will be displayed.