Automater is a tool for shipping digital products and does not own the goods offered for sale. The system works only as an improvement on the Customer - Seller path. If the purchased product does not work, you can use the facilitation which is our internal complaint system. If, despite this, it is not possible to establish an agreement with the Seller, you must file a complaint at the place where the transaction took place:

  • if you purchase on Allegro: start a dispute to the transaction or contact Allegro customer service directly,
  • if you purchase on eBay: start a dispute to a transaction on eBay or PayPal for failure of the transaction by the Seller
  • if you purchase in the online store: make a complaint to the intermediary with whom the payment was made, e.g. DotPay or PayPal, in the event of failure by the Seller.

If after all it is not possible to reach an agreement with the Seller, you should report the matter to the police providing all information about the transaction. At the written request of law enforcement agencies Automater sp.z o.o. provide the required documents.