After purchasing the product, the customer will receive an e-mail with the purchased product. The content and subject of this message can be easily set in the settings templates. They are used for quick activation of auction monitoring - it is enough to configure the template once and the system will automatically assign its settings to the monitoring.

To add a new settings template, log in to the system and go to the Settings / Templates / New Template tab. Complete the required fields:

  • template name - the name that will allow you to identify the template,
  • message subject - the subject of an e-mail message that the customer will receive,
  • e-mail address for reply,
  • message content - the content of the e-mail message that the customer will receive.


The tags in the message will be converted into values from the Customer's order. All you need to do is add one of the following tags to the body of the message:

  • for all classes:
    • [CODE] - code retrieved from the database
    • [TITLE] - name of the purchased product
    • [BUYER_MAIL] - customer's email address
    • [BUYER_PHONE] - customer's phone number
    • [QUANTITY] - the number of items purchased
    • [PRICE] - price per unit
    • [CURRENCY] - currency
  • for the Allegro auction:
    • [ALLEGRO_USER] - username
    • [ALLEGRO_OFFID] - auction number
  • for the eBay auction:
    • [EBAY_USER] - username
    • [PAYPAL_MAIL] - PayPal address
    • [EBAY_OFFID] - auction number